Focusing Agile Maturing Enterprises (FAME)

My dissertation addresses the problem about the fact that Company-X is unable to sufficiently increase in agile maturity and proficiency. This triggered the research question to develop instruments to measure and compare agile maturity on the enterprise level.

More and more organizations are aiming for agility. Becoming agile is complex and instruments to direct the efforts on the agile journey are sorely needed. There is a growing amount of maturity models based on frameworks and methods and there are many studies on agility factors for projects, teams, management, methods, engineering, etc., but there is little to no research on enterprise agility. This gap in the literature is becoming particularly pronounced with agile transitions shifting towards scaling agility, caused by the spearheading team level becoming mature. This study fills this gap in the literature and is thus important and timely.

Out of hundreds of studies on agility success factors, 36 were analyzed to provide potential factors for enterprise agility. These factors were scored according to their occurrence in these publications to indicate their relative importance.

The factors were translated into survey questions, per factor asking for perceived importance (1) and maturity (2) in an organization. These surveys were filled out for 19 Dutch organizations. Based on the results of this survey, a benchmark matrix of importance versus maturity was created, in which the guideline was ‘the more important, the more mature’. I call this matrix FAME (Focusing Agile Maturing Enterprises).

This benchmark is partly generic focusing advice. I used this benchmark with its generic advice to write tailored advice for Company-X. Customizations came from cultural aspects, considering specifically that this is a company with multiple national backgrounds. The organization-specific report was presented to a group of coaches involved in Company-X’s agility journey, who confirmed its importance and usability. This proved the value of the benchmark and the FAME matrix.

The survey and benchmark that were created and applied in this research are reusable instruments that can be used to measure the status of agility in (parts of) organizations. They can be used as a mirror to compare with others and to, over time, follow progression. The FAME matrix of importance and maturity, introduced in this dissertation, provides a way to analyze the status of agility and encourage focusing.

FAME & inspearit

This toolset is currently in the process of making it available as a generic product in the inspearit portfolio. Soon this will be published on our website and communicated in a next blog, with more details about the implementation and use.


To be continued …


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