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Data Modeling for Data Warehouse and Data Science training (English)

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Short description

How do you get reliable decisions in your organization on a strategic, tactical and operational level? What is the role of a data warehouse in this? How do you integrate that with the NO-SQL world? Is the data in reports, dashboard and data science consistent? What methods and techniques do you need to build traditional data management and data science together? Which data modeling technique do you use?

Learn how to optimally set up the data architecture for Data Warehouse, Data Lake and Data Science in 2 days

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Content and program

Data architecture ensures that information becomes available for use within Business Analytics and Business Intelligence. In this training you will learn how a data warehouse is built and can be adapted for your own organization, how you can integrate a data lake and which data modeling techniques can be used. After the training you have insight into what is needed to set up a data architecture and keep it up to date for a data warehouse, a data lake, a data vault or other data modeling techniques. Now and in the future.

In addition to the theory, ample time is spent on practical examples and exercises. This allows you to have a conversation in your own working environment about why a data warehouse is essential for integrated management.


Certification – Certified Data Management Professional. This training prepares for the CDMP specialty exams Data Warehousing & BI, Data Modeling and/or Data Integration & Interoperability. Supplemented with the CDMP exam Data Management Fundamentals, the CDMP Master certificate can be obtained. This also requires “years of experience”.


In the training we explain the concepts behind and components of a data warehouse.

Day 1: Methods and Techniques

• Introduction Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBOK)
• Data Warehouse Architecture: Kimball, Inmon
• Data Integration & Interoperability
• Data Warehouse automation with Data Vault (Linstedt)
• Data Modeling: Relational, Dimensional
• ETL development

Day 2: Advanced modeling and implementation

• Advanced Data Warehouse Modeling: Slowly changing dimensions, Advanced dimensional modeling
• NO-SQL modelling: Graph, ColumnOriented, Key value stores, NLP
• Document & Content Management
• Test the data architecture
• Agile Data Integration projects using disciplined agile methods: Scrum, Extreme Programming, Lean Six Sigma and Kanban

Target Audience

Data Management professionals who wish to gain an overview of the Data Warehousing and Data Integration disciplines and those seeking professional recognition and certification for Data Management, including: Data Stewards, Data Engineers, Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse Team Leaders, Developers & Architects, Data Modellers, Developers, Data Architects and Analysts, , Business Analysts, Database Administrators, Project / Program Managers, IT Consultants, Data Governance Managers, Data Quality Professionals.

Data & Prijzen

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Learn how to optimally set up the data architecture for Data Warehouse, Data Lake and Data Science

The training with the start date 20 June has a start guarantee

Lichting 1 (08:45 - 16:00) Cibit Academy BV (Klassikaal)

  • di 28 mei 2024
  • wo 29 mei 2024

Lichting 2 (08:45 - 16:00) Virtual (Virtual)

  • di 28 mei 2024
  • wo 29 mei 2024

Lichting 3 (08:45 - 16:00) Cibit Academy BV (Klassikaal)

  • do 05 dec 2024
  • vr 06 dec 2024

Lichting 4 (08:45 - 16:00) Virtual (Virtual)

  • do 05 dec 2024
  • vr 06 dec 2024

Wat makes cibit academy unique?

  • Our training courses are based on your personal learning goals.
  • In our training courses there is a lot of room for personal questions and experiences, so that you can come to us with your own challenges in the workplace.
  • Cibit's teachers are highly experienced consultants themselves. So they draw on their hands-on expertise to help you with personal issues during the training.

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